Weight loss law of thermodynamics

The second law does not say a cold object cannot pass heat to a warmer object, it states that NET heat flow is always from warmer to colder. Patents are rarer and thermodynamicw rigorous than peer reviewed papers, only available for economically valuable work, and costing thousands of dollars to process and maintain. The importance with respect to weight considerations is that mass and energy are conserved the more general statement of the first law of Weight loss law of thermodynamicsbut they are not conserved entirely within the organism. Could this be related? Fluid Flow and Pressure Drop. And just like a Toyota with a stuck acceleratorour weight accelerates out of control. The problem in outline: Is metabolic advantage theoretically possible? But our bodies are nothing if not adaptive, so they just ramp up the demand for calories they push harder thermodynamcis longer on the accelerator. This is why fat is often the target of calorie restriction hysteria. Of course exercise is great for your health, but if you eat too much it is very difficult to burn off that excess fat by exercise alone. I am going to overeat. You lose less net energy when inside than when outside so you feel warmer inside the room and it is easy to feel the room is warming you. To realize this fact requires us to first go back Weight loss law of thermodynamics physics class and fill in the missing half of the first Law of Thermodynamics.

Science-Based Medicine Exploring Weight loss law of thermodynamics and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine When arguing against a specific scientific claim it is always desirable to be able to say that the claim violates an established law of science. The temptation is that such arguments are short and pithy, they seem conclusive, and they avoid the need to wade through a dense and complex set of Weight loss law of thermodynamics evidence and theories.

Up to now I have been Weight loss law of thermodynamics of two camps defending their position with thermodynamic arguments. The first and the one that I find most compelling is the calorie in vs calorie out camp, that argues that the laws of thermodynamics apply to people too. This means that weight management must be a function of calories in the total calories consumed by a person — calories out the total caloric expenditure, including metabolic processes, waste heat, exercise, and others.

Thermodynamics must be obeyed and so if one wishes to lose weight they must burn more calories than they consume. The second camp are the defenders of special weight-loss diets who claim that the type of calories one consumes significantly affects weight loss. They argue that all calories are not equal because some calories are more efficient than others — they require less energy to metabolize.

If you want to lose weight you want to consume inefficient calories i. Therefore, they argue, thermodynamics when efficiency is considered favors manipulating macronutrients protein, carbohydrates, and fats for weight loss. While I agree that this is a legitimate thermodynamic argument, what has not been demonstrated either from a basic science perspective, or in weight loss research is that efficiency has a significant effect.

The bulk of weight loss studies show that total caloric intake does correlate pretty well with weight loss, at least in the short term. I Weight loss law of thermodynamics surprised to learn that now there is a third camp, using thermodynamic arguments to claim, essentially, that dieting does not work. To jump to her conclusion, she writes: The pop belief that people can simply eat less and exercise more and control their weight defies the first Law of Thermodynamics.

To arrive at this conclusion she makes a rather bizarre and incoherent argument. Actually, reading this blog entry I had the feeling I was reading two separate articles. The substantial middle of the entry is a mostly reasonable argument about the limitations of diet and exercise for weight loss. However, this is sandwiched in between arguments involving the first law of thermodynamics that are nothing Weight loss law of thermodynamics irrelevant straw men and non sequiturs.

It is as Weight loss law of thermodynamics she had a reasonable, but dense, argument to make about the complexities of weight control, but decided to wrap it up in a thermodynamics argument to give it more pith and punch. All she managed to do was hopelessly confuse her readers and distract from her real points. As is often the case when science is dummied down into soundbytes, it becomes wrong. To realize this fact requires us to first go back to physics class and fill in the missing half of the first Law of Thermodynamics.

The first Law of Thermodynamics, or energy balance, basically states that in a closed systemenergy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed or transferred. There are a number of straw men in her argument. The first is that weight loss is all about calories and exercise, and that this is based upon thermodynamics. She is distorting this position, however. Overall physical activity can be increased without specifically exercising. When writing about this I and others point out that most calories are consumed by our basic metabolic rate.

One way to increase calories out is to increase metabolism. She confuses practical advice about what works with thermodynamic arguments. The thermodynamics are absolutely clear — matter and energy cannot vanish or be poofed into existence; the balance sheet must balance. From a practical point of view, exercise does increase calories out, and it increases basic metabolic rate, and muscle Weight loss law of thermodynamics burns off more calories than fat, and fit people are likely to burn more calories just going about their day.

Weight loss law of thermodynamics

The Thermodynamics of Weight Loss. Thermodynamics is part of Physical Chemistry and Conservation of Energy is a basic law. The only way to lose weight is. ENTROPY AND THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS The contents of this module were developed under grant award # PB from the Fund for the. The Key to Automatic Weight Loss. Dr. Ludwig proposes a novel, radical but scientifically true way to solve the obesity epidemic once and for all. Why the first law of thermodynamics has no place in human nutrition. By David Gillespie May 23, Big Fat Lies. 54 Comments; 2; 0. 0. exercise or weight loss. As the most basic level, losing weight is all about creating a caloric deficit. I've spoken about this many times - if you're burning more calories than you are.

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