Somaya weight loss before and after

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N Engl J Med ; February 1, DOI: Animals with mutations in the ob gene are obese and lose weight when given leptin, but little is known about the physiologic actions of leptin in humans. Full Text of Background The measurements were repeated in seven obese subjects after weight loss and during maintenance of the lower weight. The ob messenger RNA mRNA content of adipocytes was determined in 27 normal-weight and 27 obese subjects.

Full Text of Methods In the seven obese subjects studied after weight loss, both Somaya weight loss before and after leptin concentrations and ob mRNA content of adipocytes declined, but these measures increased again during the maintenance of the lower weight. Full Text of Results Serum leptin concentrations are correlated with the percentage of body fat, suggesting that most obese persons are insensitive to endogenous leptin production.

Full Text of Discussion The administration of recombinant leptin causes weight loss in these mice. In eight wekght and eight obese subjects the amount of ob messenger RNA mRNA in adipocytes was correlated with body weight. An increase in expression of the ob gene in obese subjects has since been reported by other investigators. In this study we investigated whether leptin can be detected in serum at concentrations that correlate with body weight and whether serum leptin concentrations are reduced by weight loss.

The mean body-mass index BMIdefined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters, was We performed biopsies of abdominal subcutaneous adipose losx 10 in 27 of the lean subjects 15 women and 12 men and 27 of the obese subjects 17 women and 10 men. The tissue samples were transported in saline to the laboratory, where they were immediately digested with collagenase and the cells isolated.

In addition to the base-line studies described above, blood was drawn and biopsies performed when the subjects had reduced their body weight by 10 percent and again after they had maintained the lower body weight for four weeks. The effect of food consumption on serum leptin concentrations was studied in a separate group of four normal-weight subjects two women and two men; BMI, After an overnight fast, blood samples were drawn every befoore minutes for 8 hours.

Breakfast total energy, kcal: protein, bwfore percent; carbohydrate, 52 percent; and fat, 34 percent was given after the fasting sample was collected, and lunch total energy, kcal; protein, 13 percent; carbohydrate, 52 percent; and fat, 35 percent was given four hours later. All protocols were approved by the institutional review board at Thomas Jefferson University, and all the subjects gave informed consent. Antihuman leptin Peptic ulcer diet plan was raised in rabbits immunized with recombinant leptin.

The leptin was radiolabeled with iodine by the Bolton—Hunter method 12 and purified by gel filtration using Sephadex G Pharmacia Biotech, Piscataway, N. The tubes were centrifuged for 15 minutes at revolutions per minute, after which Somaya weight loss before and after supernatant was decanted and the afger counted in a Packard gamma counter Packard, Downers Grove, Ill. The limit of detection was 0. Serum values that were undetectable were assigned a value of 0. Total adipocyte RNA was obtained by guanidinium thiocyanate—phenol—chloroform extraction.

There was no difference in the amount of actin cDNA among the subjects studied. Serum insulin was measured by radioimmunoassay Linco Research, St. Serum glucose was measured by the glucose oxidase method with a glucose analyzer 2 Beckman, Brea, Calif. The percentage of body fat was determined for normal-weight and 71 obese befor by bioelectric impedance analysis RJL Systems, Mt. The results in the normal-weight and obese subjects were compared by means of t-tests.

Because of extreme values in the distributions of serum leptin concentrations and percentages of body fat, the relations between continuous variables were evaluated by Spearman correlations. The Wilcoxon rank-sum test was used to evaluate differences in serum leptin concentrations and Somaya weight loss before and after measures according to sex and race.

Somaya weight loss before and after

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