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The default comments system built into WordPress is very basic but usually fine for startup bloggers. However, you will find it lacking if you want to give your readers any advanced functionality or try to improve their commenting experience in any way. In order to allow your readers a number of methods to comment wotdpress your blog posts and pages you are going to have to use plugins to improve upon the default functionality.

Thankfully, comment plugins have come a long way in the last few years. Not only do you have the option of using threaded commenting, you can now login with social media accounts and take advantage of a great deal of constantly improving features. These plugins will vastly improve the commenting experience and take your site to a whole new level of reader engagement. Jetpack is practically considered the default comments system these days.

The multi-functional plugin created by Automattic does far more than improve the commenting aspects of your website, though that is a major feature of the plugin. Jetpack allows your readers to connect to your website and leave a Extra slim diet pills in multiple ways. Whether that is by using the default WordPress comments, connecting to WordPress. Not only does it allow for a more social connection, you Slin also given the ability to use threaded comments for more organized commenter discussions, as Slim down wordpress as having the functionality to notify people Slim down wordpress a new comment is added to the thread.

Because this comment system dowh part of Jetpack it is constantly being expanded and improved by the Automattic team. Jetpack is one of the most popular plugins installed on WordPress sites because of the additional features it has. With Automattic continually improving Jetpack it Slim down wordpress worth installing on your wordprexs, even if you Slim down wordpress to use another plugin to maintain your comments.

The wpDiscuz plugin is an AJAX realtime comment system which basically super-charges the native WP comment system by adding awesome functionality via the free plugin itself but also via various premium addons. Plus, this is one of the highest rated commenting plugins with active support on the WordPress. Disqus is one on the most widely used comment systems in the blogosphere. This means that rather than control the comments within the WordPress installation and adding to your database, Disqus uses its own servers to manage the user login and comment management.

In what is fast becoming a standard feature list for plugins of this type, the Disqus plugin allows for threaded comments, notifications of new comments in the thread, subscription options for comments and inbuilt spam and malware filters. Disqus is a community-focused plugin. Users carry a record of every comment they make on their account and can be followed by other Disqus users.

Intense Debate is another plugin system developed by Automattic. It allows your users to create rich profiles and build reputations based on wofdpress comments. The key aspect of Intense Debate is the user worxpress and comment voting system. User reputation is developed by readers as they take part in the comments discussion and have their entries rated by others. This feature allows your readers to build their own followers on your site and develop a community where they are acknowledged for quality comments on your blog.

It integrates various anti-spam and malware filters in order to ensure that your comment area remains free from Slim down wordpress comments. It also includes blacklists and enhanced moderation options to try to streamline that difficult process. Intense Debate also allows for various social interactions, such as connection to Twitter, Facebook as well as fully integrating with the Gravatar service. As with S,im others you can use comment threading to keep control of your comment section.

It comes with the ability to receive updated notifications and RSS tracking of the comment section. You are also given the useful option of being able to post to and moderate your comments with the Reply-by-Email function built into the software.

Slim down wordpress

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