Slim down puffy face

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Check your inbox for an e-mail with a link to download the recipes Whether you spent the night partying, had an early wake-up call or simply find your cheeks a little too plump, puffy cheeks can change the entire appearance of your face. Plump, pinchable cheeks are certainly not a bad thing -- but if you prefer a trimmer look, you can turn to plenty of slimming methods. It takes a combination of Slim down puffy face -- both short and long term -- to slim down your visage.

Hydrate with nine 8-ounce glasses of water every day. If your body isn't properly hydrated, it attempts to hold onto the water stores it does have, resulting in a bloated and puffy face. Always have a glass of water first thing in the morning. Eat more hydrating foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. Apples, cantaloupe, carrots, celery, iceberg lettuce and oranges work particularly well in keeping your body -- and your cheeks -- properly hydrated.

One of the key causes of facial bloat, alcohol dehydrates your body, resulting in puffy cheeks and baggy eyes. Similarly, reduce the amount of salt and high-sodium foods you eat. Like alcohol, salty snacks and processed foods often lead to a swollen look. Trim calories from your diet and burn additional calories through cardiovascular and strength-training exercises, such as running, swimming, jogging and weightlifting.

As you burn calories and gain muscle tone, your entire body -- including your face and cheeks -- firms up. Over time, less fat reveals slimmer facial features. Sleep with your head somewhat elevated, such as on a tall stack of pillows, to reduce the chances of facial swelling in the morning. Apply a simple cold compress made of ice cubes wrapped in a clean towel to your cheeks.

Leave the compress on for about 10 minutes. This quick remedy helps reduce puffiness from normal swelling Slim down puffy face bloating. Apply highlighter just at the top of your cheekbones when doing your makeup. Blend a bright-colored cream or blush below the highlighter, in the center of your cheeks. Apply bronzer or a darker powder under the cheekbones, blending as you go. This creates a sclupted effect, lifting your cheekbones and lending your cheeks Effective na diet pills more angular aspect.

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Check your inbox for an e-mail with a link to download the recipes. How to Slim Down Puffy Cheeks. Last Updated: Jun 12, Daniel Trump Dan Ketchum has been a professional writer sincewith work appearing online and offline in Word Riot, Bazooka Magazine, Anemone Sidecar, Trails and more. Dan's diverse professional background spans from costume design and screenwriting to mixology, manual labor and video game industry publicity.

A woman with slim cheeks. Whether you spent the night partying, had an early wake-up call or simply Slim down puffy face your cheeks a little too plump, puffy cheeks can change Slim down puffy face entire appearance of your face. Change your life with MyPlate by LIVE STRONG. Gain 2 pounds per week.

Gain 1 pound per week. Maintain my current weight. Lose 1 pound per week. Lose 2 pounds per week.

Slim down puffy face

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