Protox detox pills

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I make sure I piss at least 2 Protox detox pills before pissing in the cup. Perhaps the tests aren't very detailed, but I've yet to know anyone that's used the product I bought that failed, and they smoke way more than I do. This Site Might Help You. Anybody have experience with them?. Just wanted to let people know if you detos at least Protox detox pills weeks to get clean and have a high metabolism edtox might be an option for you. A word about Protox detox pills, I have practiced A LOT with a condom, and I found I need to double wrap it to keep it from busting. Comes in all sizes, for the light toker to the heavy user. One of the reason's why, is the ability, for you,the customer, to contact the makers. Doctor tested urine as I stood there waiting, detoxx told me the results were negative, therefore there was no toxins in the urine sample; as I passed the test with flying colors. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Its important to remember that not all detox drinks are equal. They would see that pil,s have to be thousands of these threads since this forum opened.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other Protox detox pills correctly. You should upgrade or Protox detox pills an alternative browser. Detoc in ' Urine Testing ' started by ohsnapOct 18, Log in or Sign up. Curious if this works So last week I found out I'd have a drug test Protox detox pills being a daily smoker I'm Protox detox pills tall, thick girl and even though I lead an active lifestyle know I have plenty of fat cells to hold onto the THC I detoc put in my body.

I went to my local head shop and the guy recommended this:. He had me buy these Protox "Jump Start" pills that are 6 to a dose I've taken 6 doses in the week. The guy said it takes about 3 weeks to fully cleanse your body and since I had Protpx a short amount of time to take my test that the best route for me would be buying a "masking" agent. I purchased the Magnum soft gel for "larger" people with high toxin levels, and the man said to save one Protox detox pills dose of the protox pills to take with this.

Guy says to take the dose of pills hours before I take the masking agent so that when my test comes back it'll show SOME things in my body as opposed to those that completely strip them out, and that the masking agent will make my test come back normal. I've been drinking a crap load of water in the past week, but I'm still uber paranoid. Everyone I know that uses the Magnum "Koolaid" passes their test, but I haven't heard of anyone who uses the pill. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff, and should I worry?.

An hour of browsing the already bag beaten threads on the cocktails Protox detox pills pills detlx have saved you much money an aggravation. Stop with the goddamn pills. There is no masking agent in the stuff you bought FDA would be all over it. Nothing like Proox works period. Invest in a few home tests Use a clean sample or fake pee and substitute. Not Protoox to be harsh I might actually market an produce my own drink and sell it Have a good one.

Does anyone have any experience with this stuff, and should I worry? Why people can't simply read a thread or two before asking if the magic potion they bought will work is beyond me. They would see that there have to be thousands of these threads since this forum opened. The answer is always the same, NO, you cannot flush, wash, rinse, THC no matter how much money you waste.

There are as always three options: be clean, substitute, dilute. No ohsnap, you wasted your money. People: STAY AWAY FROM HEAD SHOPS and don't buy the bullshit they try and sell you unless you are there to buy a bong Protox detox pills papers. I have read endlessly, but unfortunately a little too late. Don't be such a douchebag. Don't be such a douchebag. Perhaps the tests aren't very Protox detox pills, but I've yet to know anyone that's used the product I bought that failed, and they smoke way more than I do.

Sometimes the subbing and such isn't an option. Now my piss is barely tinted yellow and I'm almost certain they'll make me re-test, which effing sucks.

Protox detox pills

Product Description. Protox Jumpstart Capsules contain 6 capsules (per individual package) that have been formulated to “Jump Start” your detoxification program. Jul 17,  · ProTOX supplements before a UA. Will the protox detox drink work without the pills cuz I just got the advanced formula drink and I got to go to court. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in everything from vitamins, herbal remedies, detox and spiritual supplies, to hookahs, pipes, and vaporizers. Feb 11,  · Curious if this works and the man said to save one last dose of the protox pills to take Every *single* person I know that's used the Magnum Detox. Sep 23,  · I just purchased the 10 day Pro Clenzer from Pro Tox, and they are basically a ton of vitamin filled pills. They call for 3 pills, four times a day.

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