Is it possible to lose weight while taking zoloft

COM do not endorse. Q: I was zloft somewhere that Zoloft can lead to breast cancer. Is There a Link Between Adult ADHD and Food Additives and Pesticides? Or sign up now for your FREE account. Simply call our Customer Care Specialists within 8 weeks of receipt of your product. One 15mg pill per day. Increased appetite, binge eating, food cravings and preoccupation with food are commonly Dosage weight loss topiramate with weight gain in people who take Zoloft. When you take a higher dose, you are essentially giving the Zoloft more control over your nervous system than natural homeostatic functioning. Your doctor may wish to perform a physical examination and test some blood work before providing you with weight loss advice. Is there a way to stretch out my upper body to fix it? The women in this. Not all patients taking Zoloft experience weight changes or other side Acupuncture to lose weight reviews. However, rapid weight gain or loss can have health implications. The best way to prevent excessive weight gain or weight loss while taking Zoloft is to adhere to a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A site that I would recomend to help you lose weight is www. Zoloft Zoloft Side Effects What Is Zoloft Zolkft For? Thank you for any and all comments and info : Unfortunately weight gain is a possible side effect of Sertraline Hydrochloride, although it is not very common.

Zoloft Sertraline is an antidepressant medication that has been around since It functions as an SSRI selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor to increase extracellular levels of Dosage weight loss topiramate neurotransmitter serotonin. The drug is considered effective at treating a variety of conditions including major depression, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Despite being around since the early s, it is still a highly popular antidepressant medication in Weight loss geodon the drug tends to significantly help some individuals cope with their depression, may who take Zoloft experience weight gain.

Some people may notice a gradual increase in weight over time while taking an SSRI, while others may notice a significant increase in body fat within the first couple months of treatment. There is no exact science behind the weight gain that a person experiences while taking Zoloft Sertraline. However there are a variety of speculative possibilities including: increased carbohydrate cravings, metabolic adjustments, as well as standard medication side effects such as lethargy which make it tough to burn calories.

Note : In most people, the specific changes made by Zoloft on functioning are difficult to track. It Weight loss topamax be generalized that everyone will gain the same amount of weight while taking Zoloft Sertraline. Some individuals will gain more weight, others will gain less, and others may not gain any at all or even lose weight. It all depends on your individual response to the drug. Perhaps the most important factor in the equation is dosage, how many milligrams of Zoloft do you take?

When you take a higher dose, you are essentially giving the Zoloft more control over your nervous system than natural homeostatic functioning. If weight gain is a side effect at a lower dose, doubling the dose may also double the weight gain. Therefore to minimize weight gain, it is recommended to always take the lowest effective dose. There are an array of other individual factors that will influence the weight gain you experience while on Cant lose weight levothyroxine. Weight gain may be a result of genetic interactions to the drug, your physiology, your metabolism, hormones, lifestyle, stress level, dietary intake, exercise, and other health conditions.

It is impossible to evaluate all of the possible factors that could be contributing to weight gain in your specific case. Those that have been taking Zoloft Wellbutrin and adderall weight loss a very short term may not notice anything in terms of weight changes. People that have been taking Zoloft over a long term often notice that the weight gain gets worse over time.

This is often due to the fact that over time, people become tolerant to the effects of the drug and increase their dosages. As Cant lose weight levothyroxine already mentioned, if you take any other drugs, you cannot rule out the possibility of them interacting with the Zoloft. An interaction effect could lead to increased weight gain while on Zoloft.

You may want to also evaluate whether you believe the weight gain is a result of the Zoloft, whether the other medication is the primary culprit, or whether they are both equally responsible. The average amount of weight gain is approximately 10 lbs. Keep in mind that this is an average statistic and is subject to variation based on other individual factors. Further research needs to be conducted to determine how dosing and duration of usage plays a role in influencing weight changes. It is important to remember that all psychotropic drugs affect everyone differently.

This is why there are tests like GeneSight being developed to help determine which drugs will best suit you based on your genetics. Some people actually remain weight neutral while taking Zoloft and others may lose weight depending on how the drug influences their functioning. Although a majority of people will gain some weight, it is important to determine whether that weight is significant enough to make you depressed or become a health issue.

If you have gained a significant amount of weight from taking Zoloft, you may want to conduct a cost-benefit analysis.

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