How did shekinah jo lose weight

During their journey, they meet a group of wild ladies celebrating a bachelorette party and the rest is history…. SUGGEST TO BE FEATURED. Shekiinah am about to send you a picture. This is my third time having lipo. My thighs aint quite that big. If she paid for this she needs her money back. And yes, to wright who have something to say, I will show you mine because it is banging!!! Give that girl Lupita a Morning Glory. Time to get that career back on track after being held back from doing what you love. Given that her BFF is Tiny, it seems likely that Shekinah Jo has been in a lucky position to choose her plastic surgery and may even have been inspired by How did shekinah jo lose weight fellow reality costar. Providing the latest in pop culture, celebrity news and fashion. The theme today is Jack Sprat and nem huh? How does one not think about it? I pray for Tameka and all the mothers who have lost!

Tameka made the announcement on her Instagram. The single mom-of-4 uploaded a photo of herself and Shekinah Jo locked in How did shekinah jo lose weight warm embrace. The show was cancelled after 2 seasons. Tameka, 41, is separated from her husband, rap mogul T. The couple co-parent their 7 children while maintaining separate households on the south side of Atlanta. Tameka, who is executive producer of the show, is exerting her newfound independence by taking her career to the next level.

This is an open post where you can discuss any subject matter. This post will not be censored or moderated. Disqus may automatically moderate certain words considered offensive. There are no rules in Open Posts. So enter at your own risk. Posted in Television News Tags: business womenreality TV newsReality TV seriesShekinah JoT. HarrisTameka "Tiny" Harris Is Shekina a FOB? Tiny should stick to singing. She should convince Kandi to reunite with Xscape and do a couple of concert dates.

Tiny should go solo…. That mess is annoying. Time to get that career back on track after being held back from doing what you love. Or How did shekinah jo lose weight writing more! They wrote a lot of hits as well. Not saying that their show will be about nothing but most likely it will be. I do like Shekinah and Tiny though. My condolences to the person who is going to have to listen to this and type the captions for the screen.

She had the fat transferred from her stomach to her but. Once the fat cells are remived they dont return in that spot. She said when she gains weight it goes to her azz. See it through, good luck, and God bless. Something with that short producer man has prevented us from another Exscape album. Probably forever About How did shekinah jo lose weight. These two cut up like no other.

Open post: we talked about Colin Kap birth moms yet? So damn white her name is Heidi. Cause that is number 2 behind Becky far as white names go. Anyway she got issues with his comments and stance. Do they have some sort of relationship? If not, she has no business addressing that man about nothing. Heidi relinquished all of her parental rights and opinions on his life when she decided to give him up for adoption.

Till tee eye get mad at her working and tell her to stop. She wanted to wipe the fact that she let a black man bust all in her guts out of existence. But she goes out of her way to praise her fully white kids. To talk about what though? I thought different on ole Jerry too. He gets a big fat kill yo self.

She has a show with toys that T. I put stop to. Smh nothing worse than an insecure controlling partner. Starts with yourself hun … people need to be their own role models in general …. Good luck on the new venture though. Thanks for the education. I mean, I am a hugger by nature but none of my hugs resemble these two, and I see this ish all the time. I see young girls out here reacting to other females like men do…times have CHANGED! I had a baby at I gots nothing …. They need to dilute these plastics with more shows How did shekinah jo lose weight black women that got ahead using their brains, discipline and character, and not whatever new thing they are injecting into body parts.

Teen moms are Your ass was grown beyond THAT You are correct about Kandi. But her voice is not as strong as the other members. Your ass a racist in my mind Heidi. And you got an equal opportunity pussy. I hope it works out for them. I like them both. I understood where you were coming from until I got to this line. That negates the your whole argument. But she should have STFU. The teen moms who made it, were eating her ass alive. I understand every single word Yes, Shekinah actually brought some humor to Family Hustle.

Not only do I understand every word, I, too, speak like that when in the company of family and friends who also think like that. The Weave Trip and The Tiny and Toya shows both had really good ratings but its said that T. We are now 39 yo. I have also seen her cooch and boobs and she done seen mine. When he hit big after becoming the starting Qb, she came out the woods and he sent her back. Their show did very well. Apparently, there are plenty of folks who can understand them.

How did shekinah jo lose weight

Tiny Harris & Shekinah Jo Announce New TV Talk Show. She said when she gains weight it goes to her azz. Win or lose, I can’t hate. How Did Shekinah Jo Lose Weight What Slows Down Your Metabolic process + Tips on how to Speed This Up Again Naturally, compitents from "The Biggest Loser" are losing. In Case You Missed It: ‘Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip Tiny & Shekinah ’s Weave Shekinah is way too damn she get surgery but didn’t lose any weight?. Morning Glory: Shekinah Jo. I don’t know how she did it, but reality TV star Shekinah Jo managed to lose weight and tone her I hope we don’t lose him. Mar 03,  · Shekinah Jo talks liposuction and dealing with the haters. Tiny & Shekinah Address Gay Rumors, Why T.I. Doesn't Like Shekinah & Cut It Off!.

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