How did shekinah jo lose weight

How did shekinah jo lose weight see everybody goes to How did shekinah jo lose weight same plastic surgeon in Atlanta. I understood where you were coming from until I got to this line. Their show did very well. Unhealthy weight now influences more than one-third of American people and is also a factor in people developing diabetes, hypertonia and other diseases. Teen moms are ME AND MY FLAB ARE ALREADY THE ISH BY SHEKINAH STANDARDS. Never positive when it comes to another black woman then we wonder why we are last in the race!! He does an amazing job. Breast Augmentation, Lpse, Reduction. March 27, in Black Plastic SurgeryCelebrity Plastic SurgeryEthnic Plastic Surgery by Ruby Marr Leave a Comment Be Sociable, Share! I am just…thick :coffee: Size 12 aint never hurt nobody. If she paid for this she needs her money back.

ME AND MY FLAB ARE ALREADY THE ISH BY SHEKINAH STANDARDS. My peeps call this a "Rolly Polly" Go to you tube and search the phrase…smh I know it was months ago and im late but reading your comment angered me, when a person has trouble with their weight, in their mind they know what they want done. Curves did NOT give Shekinah her ass.

She has her own ass she just git the fat sucked out of her belly and off of her waist and back. I Just threw up in my mouth looking at her pics. In the age of health awareness, exactly that should be put first, rather than wasting money and healing time on looking like you have a nice body. Working out and eating right should be a priority. Life is too short and so is the 10 minutes of fame a video girl body will get you. Nor do I no she needs anything done to her face.

Id pay for it if I could! Plastic Surgery was great!! Smh at fuckery in these comments!! Black women always have something bad to say!! Never positive when it comes to another black woman then we wonder why we are last in the race!! Depends on the woman. This is a blog, correct? Shenana gets plastic surgery in her early 30s, a hot girl…whatever.

SMH I think the sister is beautiful! I think it would be nice to say yay or nay instead of calling shekkinah names. Thats just not nice! I feel she is beautiful! And yes, to those who have something to say, I will show you mine because it is banging!!! I am just calling a spade a spade … I follow her doctor DJ Curves on Diid. I thought she been showed off her new body! Shekinzh does an amazing job. When I get enough courage and guts I want him to do my breast lift lol.

She needs to learn how to speak to people whekinah her ghetto ass. Is it a transformation though? This looks like 20lbs or so…. J curves does nice work! So if I give my opinion and do not say she looks great, trust that it will NOT be hating. She looks like money wwight spent. It looks like she had a Brazilian but lift and a tummy tuck. U r right renee Lewis but then they praise the hell out the hoe dashians kim and kloe if u dint understand wat I was saying she is beautiful and down to earth with a humongous personality It would have been How did shekinah jo lose weight and look better if it was a body she had actually worked for, as in exercising and not as in spending money to get it.

You How did shekinah jo lose weight have a nice or "nice" figure and still not be healthy. Why work out if you can just buy it? Please say this again! Slowly but How did shekinah jo lose weight, the weight comes back on! I work HARD and I mean HARD for my shape and for that reason alone, I appreciate it and am more likely to keep making good decisions.

I damn near fainted. Time to get my ass How did shekinah jo lose weight and go to How did shekinah jo lose weight gym…put in some sweat. Not just your comment, my reaction to it. If she paid for this she needs her money back. I hope that is not a butt implant. Working in surgery I see the results of plastic surgery after you have aged 40 years. A old wrinkled body with big hard titties and ass. Go the gym ladies. But dont think her butt was done…because her legs match the weight of her butt.

I needed some motivation. Well I like her and I think she looks great! I dont see a problem with her having plastic surgery either. But hey, if this is a bikini body now, I guess I should lay off the gym and lay ON the American Deli. People relate to others who do the work because they fell motivated to do the same…like they can succeed too. Hard to relate to someone surgically enhanced.

She looks nice, but its best to lost weight through diet and exercise, lifestyle change will help you to keep the weight off. Surgery is only a quick fix. Why take the risk? This is Best green tea for weight loss yahoo answers why no respectable man will ever marry them. Especially since you posted a video about butt injections last month.

She looks the same and still has dimples all over her butt. Her prettiest assett is her smile. Reguardless of what her body looks like, her smile will never change. She is a beautiful young lady, not just her looks, but cid personality weiyht beautiful. If she can find a man that can stare at her smile and not just at her ass, How did shekinah jo lose weight she is golden.

How did shekinah jo lose weight

Tiny Harris & Shekinah Jo Announce New TV Talk Show. She said when she gains weight it goes to her azz. Win or lose, I can’t hate. Mar 03,  · Shekinah Jo talks liposuction and dealing with the haters. Tiny & Shekinah Address Gay Rumors, Why T.I. Doesn't Like Shekinah & Cut It Off!. celebrity hairstylist Shekinah Jo Instagram Flexin: Tiny’s BFF Shekinah Bares Bikini with health and physical issues and manage to lose the weight. Video embedded  · Shekinah Jo Admits Having Lipo 3 Times: but now, it’s too big; it can lose weight. I should have taken some [fat] Shekinah Anderson. In Case You Missed It: ‘Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip Tiny & Shekinah ’s Weave Shekinah is way too damn she get surgery but didn’t lose any weight?.

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