List of most dangerous diet pills

Several weight-loss Top 10 weight loss pills south africa have been found to be illegally spiked with sibutramine. Clinical trials have proven that all rats and mice die when they ingest enough Coumadin or Warfarin Thus, they are bound to have certain positives you cannot ignore. In fact, you may actually increase your risk of stroke since your body utilizes cholesterol to maintain cardiovascular health! Star Caps — Star Caps comes across as an efficient natural diet pill, but has hidden agendas. It plays with the nervous system as well as cardiovascular system causing seizures and palpitations. Helena Bonham Carter's brother builds on her example. Most Dangerous Weight Loss Ingredients. The Health Benefits dieh Alcohol. The Secrets to Increasing Testosterone in Men. Among the deceased was Sarah Houston, a young Top 10 weight loss pills south africa student who had been a recovering bulimic. There are many natural supplements that provide better protection against heart attacks!

In a society where looks do matter, being thin is of utmost importance. One such alternative are diet pills. Regardless of the type, diet pills are overall seen as an aid which dangeroys advocate weight loss. There are numerous diet pills that are easily available to all, which promise to be safe and lead to fast weight loss. While some of dangerohs pills may be natural and safe, this is not always the case.

There are scams omst the guise of diet pill companies which are promising weight loss but are highly dangerous. Some of these pills have harmful chemicals unfit for human consumption and also have side effects such as hair loss, skin irritation, organ failure and even death. Although many such pills have been banned, they can be easily be found and bought through the internet.

In this article I will identify and describe seven such dangerous and deadly diet pills that in some cases can lead to utter devastation, and even an unnecessary loss of life. Dinitrophenol is a pill which can be sold legally as a chemical pesticide; however it is deadly for humans. It is often sold in capsule form and is easily available online. Nevertheless due to easy accessibility, List of most dangerous diet pills has lead to many deaths.

According to the Journal of Medical Toxicity, it has lead to 62 deaths in One of these deaths was of Sarah Houston, a young medical student who was also a recovering bulimic. Although she was overcoming her eating disorder, she died after taking DNP which she purchased online. More information about DNP and Sarah Houston can be found at the here. This is a diet drug which Top 10 weight loss pills south africa been withdrawn from many countries such as the UK or USA. Sibutramine has previously been sold through other commonly known names or brands such as Meridia or Reductil.

Users of this diet drug reported problems such as nausea, palpitations, seizures, hypertension and even strokes. It was due to the severe cardiovascular reprecussions that Sibutramine has been banned Liet many states since Nevertheless, there has been controversy that many diet pills have still covertly used sibutramine. An example of this is of Kangmei slimming capsules which were discovered to contain sibutramine in November This is another diet pill which is available without prescription.

Ephedrine raises the metabolism to cause weight loss. Although legal, many medical professionals in Britain are reluctant to dier medication containing Ephedrine. However, this diet drug is easily obtainable from the internet. Prolonged used of Ephedrine can result to high blood pressure, anxiety and also heart complications such as heart attacks or heart failure.

The side effects of Ephedrine are highly dangerous for all, however, it is more risky for those with existing heart problems. More information about Ephedrine can be seen on the BBC website. This is another diet pill product which suggests that the ingredients used are herbal, natural and most importantly safe. Furthermore this diet pill has led to palpitations, insomnia and severe abdominal pain. In addition, people Weight loss pills natural appetite suppressants have taken this diet pill have faced hospitalisation due to the above mentioned medical complications.

This banned weight loss pill which has been Best weight loss appetite suppressant pill to lead to depression and also suicidal thoughts. Initially Rimonabant was prescribed as a appetite suppressant to cure obesity. Although banned, mmost is easily available online without prescription and through other names. For example, Rimonabant can be easily obtained online as Acomplia. This diet pill was introduced in the US and has been around for over twenty five years. Although Star Caps mmost to be made of wholly natural ingredients, research conducted found that Star Caps contained bumetanide, and this was not listed in their ingredients list.

Furthermore the MHRA have also advised that herbal medication containing bumetanide, should not be taken due to unknown side effects. Clenbuterol is a type of medication to treat respiratory illnesses in horses. Although it has been deemed illegal for human consumption it is advertised as Clen fat burner and can be easily bought through Agmatine forskolin internet.

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List of most dangerous diet pills

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Watch out for these potentially life-threatening diet pill ingredients. View our list of the most dangerous diet pills that are banned due to detrimental side effects and death, AVOID these illegal diet pills at all costs. Being thin has always been in. Various means of achieving the end of thin have come and gone over the years but the desired goal of donning a slender. Weight loss pills are popular, but they're also dangerous if you're not careful. Learn about the worst ingredients so that you can avoid them at all costs. THE SOUP DIET. This approach has several variations—the most popular versions being cabbage or chicken soup. The general premise: Eat breakfast and then spend the.

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