Rm3 fat burning shot

Mark Litchtenberger, Evan Rasmussen or Doug Hartman. Go Navy, Beat Army, bring the game back to Philly were it belongs. Address: Ross Rd. I bugning the Ships entertainment room up to man two DJ's for live shipboard music while at sea. HMC James E Freeman is my Granddad. Navy Service From: To: I handled Rm3 fat burning shot about every spot on the deck and performed Firefighting duties as the crew chief on the truck. ET1 OE wb5pkd juno. Sent: Monday, 09 January Address: Dons lane. I was part of the PreCom crew Rm3 fat burning shot Pascagula back when. Address: burnlng dr. We eventually found home at Norfolk.

BM 2 1st Division secdir verizon. Served as burnjng of Pre- Commissioning Detail at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula Miss. Served as part of Deck Division. Following discharge from USN appointed to NYC Police Department. Retired as Detective Investigator. Currently am Chief of Campus Public Safety at private college upstate. Marriedtwo sons. WO-1 OE-Div dswartz3 cox.

First EMO arriving as a shiny new W Retired in as an ETCM. Currently I live in Norfolk, Va and am retired. RM-2 Communications SHANBAR prodigy. Served during Vietnam era. HT2 R - Division lshort notes. Pre-com team gurning and plankowner. Tom passed away on 05 February Plankowner on USS Inchon LPHCharter Member USS Inchon Association, the First Gold Level Member. SECOND IN CHARGE OF THE POWER SHOP AND THE EMERGENCY DIESEL. I TRAINED EVERYONE ON THE EMERGENCY DIESEL. I LEFT IN AND NOW LIVE IN VIRGINIA.

Lopez Jr, Andres USN. ABH3 Flight Deck crew V1 andres. After completing A school in Lakehurst for Aircraft Handler, I was assigned to the USS INCHON LPH I handled just about every spot on the deck and performed Firefighting duties as the crew chief on the truck. I've gone to GITMO and the Ships first Med Cruise. I finished my time in Aug 72 as a ABH3 even though I passed the. E5 exam just before she sailed off to Vietnam IC2 E-Div fta gmail.

I am the 25th man assisigned to the Inchon in Ingalls shipyard, Pascagoula, Ms. I am of course a plankowner. I joined the crew as a Fireman striker and left the ship from Vietnam as IC2 in charge of the IC gang. I built the Ships entertainment room up to byrning two DJ's for live shipboard music while at sea. ABH3 Flight Deck ryan yahoo.

Was flown home from Viet Nam, not enough time left to stay with her for voyage back Rm3 fat burning shot the States. After sobering up, held several jobs that I either left or was let go from. Finally got my shit together and have been a Rm3 fat burning shot State Trooper for 24 years. Rm3 fat burning shot am near the end of a divorce that should have taken place years ago, no one has ever accused me of being the sharpest tack in the box, and have met the woman of my dreams.

Any of you flight deck salts who remember me feel free to write, I'll respond. Does anyone know how we're supposed to get a piece of the ole girl when they put her to rest? HM3 Medical luckylarue hotmail. I was part of the PreCom crew in Pascagula back when. Reported to Rm3 fat burning shot shipyard right after the big tidal surge that wiped out Bilouxi. Sailed the ship Rm3 fat burning shot most of my tour, brief stent to the Nashville vs staying in Norfork.

Went back to school and got my RN Been doing medical work ever since. Presently working at Indian Health Serice Hospital shlt Tubacity AZ. ETR2 OE drcquest bellsouth. SN Deck Department 2nd Division sassyr nc. Married 31 years to wife Ingrid. Working as a consultant. I have been in the PCB design business for more than. I left Inchon in Dec. I was ABH-1 and LPO fa hangar deck of INCHON, I had been selected for ABHC effective 1 Mar.

At the time Rm3 fat burning shot my discharge LT. Sandburg was the hangar deck officer, LT CDR Abernathy was flight deck officer, and CDR Abe was air boss! I returned from Vietnam after 13 months and went to Pascagoulla,Miss. Ingalis ship building where INCHON was being built. I was there 8 months until Inchon was complete and we did In-service trials on her, after which we took her to Portsmouth for some in service changes where Rm3 fat burning shot was commissioned.

We eventually found Rm3 fat burning shot at Norfolk. I had very little sea time aboard INCHONcouple of GITMO trips and it was time for me to get out. You are the first person I have heard from who served aboard INCHON! Leaving the Navy after 10 years was a major decision at that time, And several times I wondered if I had made a mistake, It had been some years since I had been in school and it took a major adjustment on mine and my families part but it paid off in the long run, Not to mention the fact that I did not want to return to Vietnam for a second tour.

RD2 Operations kawi psknet. ET1 OE wb5pkd juno. After graduation I Rm3 fat burning shot 8 yrs in the US Navy. After leaving the Navy I fah for Brown and Root construction in Houston, Texas ehot a short time and for the past 27 yrs I have worked for the Houston Police Department as and Officer.

Rm3 fat burning shot

Embarked Name Shipmate Information Biography; - Smith, Bob USN: BM 2 1st Division secdir@nanowaves.ru: Served as part of Pre- Commissioning Detail at.

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