C3 corvette weight loss

Weight loss for C3's. Never used these before. Quote message in reply? Annual C3VR Member Gathering. Steel Rear Leaf Springs. Steeroids rack C3 corvette weight loss pinion - minus 14 pounds. Last edited by Sadistic : at PM. Aluminum water pump 8 pounds. The battery was relocated from the engine area to one of three compartments behind the seats to improve weight distribution. Rare options were: L88 engine 80J56 heavy-duty brakes 81UA6 alarm systemL89 aluminum heads Has a overall better feel.

The Chevrolet Corvette C3 was a sports car that was produced by Chevrolet for the through model years. Engines and chassis C3 corvette weight loss were mostly carried over losw the previous generationbut the body and interior were new. It set new sales records with 53, produced for the model year. Executed under Bill Mitchell's direction, the Mako II had been initiated in early The resulting lower half of the car was much like the Mako II, except for the softer contours.

The concept car 's name was later changed to Manta Ray. The C3 also adopted the "sugar scoop" roof treatment with vertical back window from the mid-engined concept models designed by the Duntov group. It was intended from the beginning that the rear window and that portion of the roof above the seats to be removable. GM had tried their best to keep the appearance of the upcoming car a secret, but the release of Mattel 's die-cast Hot Wheels line several weeks before the C3's unveiling had a certain version of particular interest to Corvette fans: the "Custom Corvette", a GM-authorized model of the Corvette.

Forboth the Corvette C3 corvette weight loss and interior were completely redesigned. As before, the car was available in either corvetye or convertible models, but coupe was now a notchback fitted with a near-vertical removable rear window and removable roof panels T-tops. A soft folding top was included with convertibles, while an auxiliary hardtop with a glass rear window was offered at additional cost. Included with coupes were hold down straps and a pair of vinyl bags to store the roof panels, and above the luggage area was a rear window stowage tray.

The enduring new body's concealed headlights moved into position via a vacuum operated system rather than electrically as on the previous generation, and the new hide-away windshield wipers utilized a problematic vacuum door. The corvwtte handles were flush with the top of the doors with a separate release button. Front fenders had functional engine cooling vents. Side vent windows were eliminated from all models, replaced with "Astro Ventilation", a fresh air circulation system. In the cabin, a large round speedometer and matching tachometer were positioned in front of the driver.

Auxiliary gauges were clustered above the forward end of the C3 corvette weight loss and included oil pressurewater temperatureammeterfuel gaugeand an analog clock. A fiber-optic system appeared on the console that monitored exterior lights and there was no glove box. The battery was C3 corvette weight loss from the engine area to one of three compartments behind the seats to improve weight distribution. New options included a rear window defroster, anti-theft alarm C3 corvette weight loss, bright metal wheel covers, and an AM-FM Stereo radio.

The chassis was carried over from the second generation models, retaining the fully independent suspension with minor revisions and the four-wheel disc brake system. Corvwtte engine line-up and horsepower ratings were also carried over from the previous year as were the 3 and 4-speed manual transmissions. The new optional Turbo Hydramatic 3-speed automatic transmission RPO M40 replaced the two-speed Powerglide. The 4-speed manual was available in M20 wide-ratio or M21 close-ratio transmission versions.

The new seven-inch wide steel wheels had F70x15 nylon bias-ply tires standard with either white or red stripe tires optional. Rare options corvete L88 engine 80J56 heavy-duty brakes 81UA6 alarm systemL89 aluminum heads All other engines and transmission choices remained unchanged from the previous year, though the L30 base engine was now C3 corvette weight loss ZQ3 wwight the L79 motor was redesignated the L Tire size remained the same, although this was the first year for optional white lettered tires and the last for red striped tires.

Carried over from the previous year were seven available rear axle ratios ranging from 2. Standard ratio remained 3. Exterior door poss were redesigned so the finger plate would actuate the door, eliminating the separate release button. Backup lights were integrated into the inboard taillightsheadlight washers were added, and front grilles were made all black.

C3 corvette weight loss

C3 Corvettes, **higher trim levels adds more weight. Corvette Base Coupe **Not including weight of extra coolant capacity or weight loss of. Apr 12,  · Recipe for an Akrapovic Corvette Z06/Zr1 Start with a Corvette C6 Z06/Zr1 Add Akrapovic Titanium Evolution exhaust Lose 33lbs unnecessary weight Gain. The Chevrolet Corvette (C3) was a sports car that was produced by Chevrolet for the through model years. Engines and chassis components were mostly carried. Chevrolet Corvette America's only sports car, but that doesn't excuse everything. May ; In theory, a weight loss approaching 7 percent. Oct 13,  · OK you want to kill the weight of a mid 70's Vette. C3 Corvette Tips & Tricks ; ' Weight reduction ' each Former Member.

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