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Tom Rawstorne for The Mail on Sunday. Victim: Sarah Houston, 23, had complained of feeling hot and unwell and had been breathing heavily on the evening of her death Beside her bed in her student digs, Sarah Houston had placed a handwritten note. Looking back, her parents Geoff and Gina say weightt perfectly summed up their year-old daughter, a young woman studying to be a doctor whose travels around the world had given her an appreciation inline the plight of others less fortunate.

But while that may Dnp weight loss buy online been a side of Sarah they knew, there was a dark secret that she was hiding from them. And, ultimately, it was a secret that would cost Sarah her life. In that same room, was a brown envelope containing dozens of capsules of the industrial chemical Dinitrophenol, or DNP. Used primarily Dnp weight loss buy online as a pesticide, in recent years it has been increasingly abused by those attempting to find a way of losing weight — fast.

Taken orally, it speeds up the metabolism, making the body burn up fat. For her part, Sarah had suffered from eating disorders from the age of 14, first anorexia and then bulimia. And while her parents had thought she was over the worst of it, she had, in fact, been taking DNP for the previous 18 months. Then, last September, the medical student took what poss out to be a fatal dose while away studying at Leeds University. At first no one knew what had caused her death. But then toxicology tests on the substance found in that brown envelope came up with noline answer.

Her parents are now Tops weight loss maple ridge to highlight the risks of taking DNP and, as the Mail wwight today, are joined in that call by others who have lost children to this drug. Four young men and women are now thought to have died in Britain after taking the drug in the past six years, three of them in the past six months alone.

The first Mrs Walrond knew something was. Her skin and the whites of her eyes had turned yellow and her breathing. Raising awareness: Geoff and Gina Houston, the parents of Sarah Houston, outside Wakefield Coroner's Court An ambulance was called and Selena was hospitalised. But, sadly, it was all in vain. Within hours she had died of a massive heart attack.

Taking DNP is a dangerous gamble — the difference between a dose that might shift a few pounds and one which can kill is slight. But those who take it are desperate, and that is something the people who sell this deadly drug cynically exploit. It is all about making money at the end of the day. They are preying on desperate people. Yet she was taken in by what she had seen on the internet.

An effective pesticide, it is perfectly legal to Dnp weight loss buy online and sell. As a result, the only regulations anyone selling DNP Dnp weight loss buy online likely to fall foul of are those relating to foodstuffs. If DNP is found to be sold in the Dnp weight loss buy online for human consumption, all the FSA can do is to ask the local authority in the area concerned to investigate. It was first used by the French in the manufacture of ammunition during World War I.

Such was its toxicity that dozens of those exposed to the substance died during this period. It has subsequently been used as a wood preserver, photographic loss, herbicide and pesticide. But in the s, scientists in America discovered that DNP raises the metabolic rate, causing the body to burn up fat and calories. In it was launched as a slimming aid — but was soon removed from shelves when it transpired that those taking the drug ran the risk of heart attacks and developing cataracts.

Fatal: Selena Walrond wight Croydon died from a heart attack in after taking a large amount of DNP that she had bought online By the time it was banned from sale inat least eight slimmers taking the drug had died. Over the following 65 Dnp weight loss buy online, the message that DNP was unsafe seemed to Dnp weight loss buy online sunk in. In that time, medical literature recorded just two deaths from the drug.

But in the past decade all that has changed. Since there have been 15 fatalities linked to the drug. The majority of those deaths were among people who had taken DNP for weight-loss purposes there were also a handful who had committed suicide or suffered accidental exposure to it.

Dnp weight loss buy online

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