Saturn transits and weight loss

But, when it comes to timing an event, we can often use all the help we can get. Transits Through Your Seventh House: This is the house of marriage, partnership, and one-to-one. You can rely on your competitive spirit to perform better than anyone else; this is the demand of your strong ego. Make a little time Sxturn the people who are important to you. If it is necessary to exercise to lose weight, then you can become a world champion. Sayurn way, the family is expanding and growing. Occasionally, this transit reflects a period of deep introspection as the individual reassesses his or her security foundations. Timing : AM. If you are in school during this transit, learning becomes. Monthly Predictions for April. This transit indicates that person will have problems with father, father-figures and persons in authority. Hover your mouse on an object and click to display information Hover your mouse on an object and click to display information His colour is red, his Saturn transits and weight loss is the heliotrope, his day is Tuesday, and his professions are businessman, policeman, sportsman, surgeon I m thula rashi and I have been facing the real heat of Sade Sati in the past two months. Hi, I am Saturn transits and weight loss Nakshatra- moon in Libra- and yes, this time has been depressing!

NOTE : If you are lows other medications, please talk with your pharmacist about how these herbs and supplements interact with your medications. Your first priority is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! When a situation is bad, your first responsibility is to get yourself OUTto remove yourself from any negative, hostile or contentious situation, whether this is a job, a relationship or an environment. Saturn transits and weight loss empower yourself by protecting yourself!

I finally felt empowered when I developed an attitude — that I would not put up with any crap from anyone… no ifs, ands or buts! Astrologer, Mary Shea, in a lecture for the Baltimore NCGRlisted some POTHOLES that transitx may encounter while under the influence of a Pluto transit: 1 Power struggles, control issues, complications and the rubber-band booby traps. Often, people who are out of control are the most controlling and manipulative people that we encounter.

The rubber band effect was my favorite: Two people spot a rubber band. They both want it and they crab it at the same time. With Pluto, they are holding a rubber band and whoever releases first, zaps the other! Whoever holds on rransits Saturn transits and weight loss, gets zapped by Pluto…and the rubber band. The guideline here is to let go before you get zapped!! Let go before something complicates your life!

I had a friend who trwnsits experiencing Pluto squaring her Saturn transits and weight loss. She started to play a game, a subconscious game, to learn how much power and control she had in a relationship. Once the game got started, she lows realized that she could not win the game. She was going to lose and she was going to lose the relationship. However, a Plutonian friend in Berlin assured me that, transita a Plutonian person starts weigbt play that game, they cannot let go, they cannot stop, even if it blows up in their face.

KNOW when you are about to lose through persistent hard-headedness and LET GO! Everything under Pluto seems black or white…but there are no black or white situations. Disengage your perspective, de-personalize the situation and work on the win-win compromise. Pluto applies pressure upon our astral body via the solar plexus and this forces long repressed emotional issues and feelings to the surface. The more unaware and disconnected we are from the feelings the more they take Saturn transits and weight loss a life of their own, blind-siding us and catching us unaware.

Rage can explode uncontrollably, we Forskolin retail stores obsess or we can become emotionally paralyzed by what we are feeling. It is essential that we talk about it with someone and to honor the feelings that we do have. They are not Sautrn they are feelings. A good example was a young woman who experienced Pluto opposing her 1st House Sun. Pluto is teansits found in her 5th House of creative self-expression. Indeed, during the final phase of the Pluto transit, a pregnancy was her form of personal empowerment.

Pluto does not respect age. This woman is young, beautiful and extremely sweet and thoughtful. At the time that the transit started, she dropped out of my astrology classes because she felt that she just could not cope with the emotions that were surfacing in her life. She felt vulnerable, over-whelmed and she was extremely ane to criticism, by everyone.

The opinion of others became too important. She felt that others could see right through her, that she could not say what she wanted and she felt Saturn transits and weight loss lozs in all of her communications and personal thoughts. Her fears became a block to the truth and these fears were over-whelming. She saw a therapist for a few months, thinking that the therapist would solve her problems, give her the answers and figure her life out for her. Soon, she realized that she was the transita one who would solve her problems, not the therapist.

She felt incompetent and she could no longer do her job. She was not ready to deal with new people, make job changes, and anything new was too much to handle. She vowed not to allow her fears to dominate. She threw herself in the face of her fears and this amd just too much. She searched inside for something strong but she could not find transitw.

Saturn transits and weight loss

Lynn Koiner Says: Jul 25, PM. CANCER DISEASE -- This is obviously the worst of a Pluto transit but the disease of cancer is triggered by Pluto transits and it. Remedies for malefic affect of Saturn. These remedies should be followed throughout the period of the transit, to mitigate the malefic affect of Saturn. Astrology: Interactive Planetary Transits, Month by Month Ephemerides and Astrological Chart. the Zodiac and Weight Loss: with astrology, it is possible to decipher our behaviour or to get a glimpse of the future. This is a theory which cannot be. The Ascendant is the lens through which you view life so when Saturn arrives here, it’s like he’s brought up close and personal for your viewing!.

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