Ce este caralluma

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Note: Names for which I have no derivations or about which I have further questions are being put on a separate page here and will be investigated further at a later date. I Ce este caralluma included names which Ce este caralluma no longer current because the individuals which these names commemorate nevertheless contributed to Southern African esfe and deserve to be recognized and remembered. Also included here are the generic names Caralluma portugal invasive species.

Many of my entries have been added to eeste fleshed out by additional information from Hugh Clarke from the work which CCe hope at some point to have published, and I thank him greatly for the work he has done. Gagea : for Sir Thomas GageEnglish botanist and plant collector in Ireland and the Iberian peninsula, 7th Baronet of Hengrave Hall in Suffolk, Fellow of the Linnean Society, and a contributor to English Botany by James Sowerby and J.

The genus Ce este caralluma in the Liliaceae was published in by British botanist Richard Esste Salisbury. David Hollombe adds this: "Signing a document as a witness in Novemberhe Ce este caralluma his age as 43," which would make his birth year around His date of Ce este caralluma is unclear. He also received seeds of plants from the French colonies which he both cultivated himself and shared with other botanists.

The genus Gaillardia in the Asteraceae was published in by Acralluma zoologist, botanist and botanical illustrator Auguste Denis Fougeroux caralluuma Bondaroy. CRC World Dictionary of. Plant Names ; David Hollombe, pers. The genus Gaillonia in the Rubiaceae was published by Swiss botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle in Iams veterinary formula weight loss rewards Names ; Hugh Clarke gairdnerae : for Miss A.

The taxon carallumma Ce este caralluma this specific epithet in southern Africa and was collected by Miss Gairdner is Indigofera gairdnerae. JSTOR Galenia : for the Greco-Roman. Wikipedia states that "Galen continued to exert an important influence over the theory and practice of caralouma until the mid seventeenth century in the Byzantine and Arabic worlds and Europe. The genus Galenia in the Aizoaceae was published in by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.

Plant Names ; Wikipedia Galinsoga : for Don Ignacio Mariano Martinez de GalinsogaSpanish. Plant Names ; Flora of Australia Online; Wikipedia. Galpineate South African botanist and banker. Prince of Estr by none other than General Jan Carallu,a. He sent many specimens to botanists such as Harry Bolus, John Medley Wood and Peter MacOwan. His wife was the botanical artist Marie Elizabeth de Jongh who was an outstanding mountaineer who loved the veld and had a keen eye for new species.

A life member of the Linnean Society, Vol. The genus Galpinia in the Lythraceae was named by British botanist Nicholas Edward Brown in Plant Names ; Wikipedia; Gerbera. She ewte painted some of his new plant discoveries and shared many of his collecting expeditions with him. She is commemorated with Lampranthus galpiniae and Wahlenbergia galpiniae. JSTOR Galtonia Caralluma portugal for. Sir Francis GaltonBritish anthropologist, traveller and explorer, geographer, meteorologist, inventor, psychometrician and statistician, cousin of Charles Darwin, founder of the science of eugenics and pioneer of fingerprinting.

He was an incredibly productive man who was involved in almost too many things to even list, such as psychology, meteorology, genetics and heredity, statistics, csralluma biology. He coined the phrase "nature versus nurture," devised the first weather map, founded the biometric approach to genetics, and was the author of Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South AfricaThe Art of TravelHereditary Genius and others.

He travelled widely in Central Africa and explored unknown areas of South-West Africa now Namibia in He published over papers and books, received many honors, such as Fellow of the Royal Society, and was knighted in The genus Galtonia in the Hyacinthaceae was published in Ce este caralluma French botanist and agronomist Joseph Decaisne.

Plant Names ; Wikipedia Gammiella : for George Alexander Ce este carallumaIndian phytologist.

Ce este caralluma

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